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Property Management Staff Collect “Single’s Day” Packing Boxes Door to Door to Help Environment Protection
Publisher: Release time:2020-11-24

While proprietors are happily unpacking their “Single’s Day” packages, how should those packing boxes piled up like mountains be treated? Service centers of Binjiang Property are very aware of the significance of environment protection and have a recovery plan in advance.

While delivering packages for proprietors, stewards of Noble Lake affixed a note on these boxes to remind proprietors to dismantle and flatten the boxes and put them at the door, and inform a steward to arrange unified collection by cleaning staff. Proprietors may also directly put the flattened boxes beside the trash can of the floor where cleaning staff will come to collect boxes regularly.

The service center of Myriad Star Phase I provides box recycling service for proprietors at 9:00-16:00 every day from mid-November to November 30th. Proprietors may ask their stewards to come to collect packing boxes or put those boxes to any recycling can by themselves.

The service center of Golden Dawn set up a “Renewable Resource Recycling Station” to help solve the packing box recovery problems of proprietors. Such low-value recycling point facilitates proprietors’ life and also strengthens their awareness of environment protection.

Binjiang Property pays much attention to waste classification and intentionally improves proprietors’ awareness of packing box recovery, attempting to promote recourse recycling and make its own contribution to the green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly society.


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