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It’s Everyone’s Responsibility to Ensure Fire Safety
Hangzhou Yupinwan Organized a Fire Drill
Publisher: Release time:2020-11-24

To enhance the fire protection awareness of both proprietors and property management staff, give them a better understanding of the firefighting facilities and escape routes in the residential quarter, and improve their fire fighting and self rescue ability, the service center of Hangzhou Yupinwan, together with Zhangjiaba Community and Hangzhou Jianggan Fire Brigade, organized a fire drill in the residential quarter on November 10th, 2020. Proprietor committee members and proprietors of Yupinwan all took part in this drill.

Before the drill, the Captain Liu of Jianggan Fire Brigade explained escape skills and some precautions of the drill.

Then the smoke bomb was fired and the drill officially started. The voluntary fire team of the service center launched the fire emergency plan as soon as they got a smoke alarm, and various tasks including fire fighting, evacuation, and rescue were arranged very quickly and in order.

Soon the micro fire engine of the Community arrived. With professional assistance of Jianggan Fire Brigade, the “fire” was put out successfully and proprietors trapped at 6F were safely transferred to the ground with a hook and ladder.

Finally, after explanation and demonstration of the safe and correct way to use fire extinguishers by property management staff, participants practiced the use of the fire extinguisher one by one.

This fire drill effectively strengthens the fire emergency handling ability of property management staff of Yupinwan and also enhances proprietors’ awareness of the significance of fire fighting knowledge. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure fire safety and nip any fire in the bud.


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